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​WTR III: The Best of Both Worlds

The CUES WTR III is an affordable and versatile transformer transporter that can operate with wheels or tracks. You can transform your transporter to accommodate varying pipe conditions!

Equipment Categories

WTR III: Wheeled/Tracked Transformer Transporter 

  • Distinguished as the first modular transporter in the CCTV pipeline inspection industry, the WTR III can be adapted to operate in varying, difficult, and hazardous pipelines ranging from 6” diameter relined pipe up to 30” pipes.
  • Save time with the quick installation of wheels or tracks with single point removal.
  • Save money since existing CUES wheel sets can be used on the transporter.
  • Various wheel sets and tracks are available to maximize performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Traverse varying pipe conditions with quick install of wheels or tracks.
  • Inspects 6” relined through 30” pipe.
  • Optional high-traction tracks are available, easy to install.
  • Weighted adapters optically center the camera in each pipe size and increase bottom clearance.
  • Single point removal of wheels.
  • Various wheel sets available to maximize performance in various pipe conditions.
  • Camera connects directly into transporter with protective carriage assembly.
  • Works with CUES OZ III pan and tilt zoom camera or CUES OZ III Nite Lite Pan and Tilt Camera.

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Affordable & Versatile
Single Point Wheel/Track Removal
Quick Installation
Modular Transporter
Accomodate Conditions