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Cooperative Purchasing

CUES offers various purchasing cooperatives, or cooperative arrangements, in an effort to provide competitive bidding to achieve the best price for products and/or services rendered. This ensures equal pricing for the smallest entity and the largest buyer.

Why Cooperative Purchasing?

When public entities come together to share services, they benefit in cost savings and time. This means you will get a good value for every dollar you spend. Utilizing one of these contracts means you deal directly with the vendor, as you would normally, using a contract as your own.  We’ve already done the hard part and we’ll be with you to help increase your efficiency, shorten your delivery time, and stretch your budget dollars.  Schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, counties, municipal utility districts and other governmental entities in the majority of states can sign an inter-local agreement or contract that allows them to legally use a contract that was procured by another governmental entity.

CUES Cooperative Purchasing Programs

Download details below for the following cooperative purchasing programs:


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