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Customer Support

GraniteNet Customer Support

In today’s competitive business environment, GraniteNet is committed to providing high-quality, individualized customer service/support as a requirement. With the CUES Software Department, trained and knowledgeable Technical Support Representatives can help you diagnose or solve problems via phone, email, or live video conference sessions. Our representatives are here to help you with any problem, question, or concern you may have.

Please see below for the various CUSTOMER SUPPORT services we provide: 

GraniteNet Support Portal
To provide our customers with the best support experience, we provide our dedicated software support portal. It allows customers to get tutorials, user guides, downloads of the latest software, and the ability to submit HELP REQUESTS. Simply register and log into the portal for faster resolution, tracking, and visibility into the licenses and modules you own. Follow the link below and then click on "Registration" during your first visit to create an account.


Knowledge Links
We have collected a set of the most asked questions regarding CUES's GraniteNet software, so please review these questions to see if we have already have a solution for you.


On-Site & Remote Trainings
The CUES Technical Project Manager will jointly define a Master Training Plan and schedule the CCTV software and hardware upgrades within the training schedule. During this phase, all stakeholders and users of the GraniteNet software shall be introduced to CUES, GraniteNet, and the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) that has been defined.


At Your Service
As a full service solution provider, CUES delivers software, hardware, training, and professional services both onsite and offsite, to meet the cost, quality and timeline requirements.


Hardware Compatability
The CUES Technical Staff will be glad to help you evaluate your present system in an effort to determine what hardware upgrades may be necessary to run our GraniteNet software.

To provide the appropriate simple questionnaire for your specific need, please choose between the following four options to help us better identify your system.  Once you've selected the appropriate choice, then simply complete the form that appears and submit it to CUES where we will evaluate your information and respond back to you in a timely manner. 
My current hardware system is a:


Granite XP 
Do you have Granite XP, our older asset management software?
Our older asset management software, Granite XP is a comprehensive data collection and decision support software that offers unmatched flexibility, customization, and ease-of-use to meet the growing needs of the pipeline inspection industry. CUES still supports Granite XP on operating systems older than Windows 10, however, Microsoft Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.



STILL NEED HELP?  Call our Customer Service Team! We will evaluate your questions/needs and respond promptly.  800.327.7791

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