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GraniteNet Non CUES System Retro Form

If you are interested in a GraniteNet Non CUES System Retro, fill out this form and hit Submit. Please remember to include the requested images at the bottom.

Customer Information

Existing System Information

The video amplifier is usually connected to the Prodata and Provides video to multiple sources
If yes, customer will need a USB extension cable for video capture. If yes, additional USB extension cables and DP614 serial adapters will be needed for lateral and GPS. If yes, and the customer has DUC/DPM this will limit multiple monitor use and CSD should be consulted for approval.
Select the devices needed if getting a new computer.
Put a check in the box to indicate compliance with spec.
The microphone level audio must be amplified before reaching the A/V capture device

Special Module Considerations

Lateral footage is supported for some Envirosight, iPEK, Rausch, IBAK, or Aries systems. A second XBOB Titler and an adapter cable may be required.
If the customer has both lateral and GPS a DP614 USB serial adapter is needed to provide a third serial port.
Sonar is currently supported with the Marine Electronics Pipe Profiling Sonar - 1512 Ethernet (Older USB models are not supported)
Inclinometer is supported for some Envirosight, iPEK, Rausch, or IBAK systems. Aries systems are not supported.
The GNET Grouting module is currently supported with the CUES EZ Grout system.

Special Hardware and Software Considerations

We need to know if it will be desk mount or rack mount. If rack mount we will need rack width and depth to verify spacing. Privide pictures.
Additional labor and shipping charges will apply for computers sent for data transfer time.
ie...ArcGIS, Microsift office, video editing tools or IT security utilities etc.

Supporting Pictures

Please check the boxes for the pictures provided.
To upload multiple images, hold Cmd (Mac) or Crtl (Windows) while selecting files. Individual images MUST NOT exceed 3 MB.