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CATVS Combined Analog TV & Sonar

Combined Analog TV & Sonar

CATVS: TV & Sonar together on a single cable. 

The CUES CATVS system is ...

A single cable TV & sonar system that transmits both video and sonar on a single multi-conductor cable. This system is designed to work with the OZII camera and the Marine Electronics Sonar using a standard CUES gold cable.

It can be adapted to multiple platforms including: Sonar Float, steerable and non-steerable Pipe Ranger transporters, and the MudMaster transporter.

CUES offers a range of advanced sewer inspection equipment, such as SONAR, LIDAR, and LASER PROFILING, for those requiring more detailed inspection data.

  • Perform up to 5,000’ (1,524 m) inspection distances, depending on the equipment configuration.
  • Double your productivity by performing both Sonar and TV inspections in one run.
  • A full-size truck is no longer required to perform simultaneous TV/Sonar inspections - only one reel is required.
  • Use your existing TV truck for Sonar work, too! It’s quick and easy to retrofit and upgrade most trucks to CATVS. CUES’ receiver only requires a single 1U rack opening in the control room for installation, since installation and the receiver is plug and play with only a few adapter cables.
  • Bolt-on upgrades to your existing transporter and float make for a simple and efficient retrofit.
  • Eliminate the winch and tagline to improve productivity using transporters for TV/Sonar work.
  • Configurable with the CUES Base Station.


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