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Cloud Platform

GraniteNet Cloud Platform

Affordable. Secure. Hosted. The gNET Cloud Platform provides an integrated Cloud foundation for all of your condition assessment applications and data.  

The GraniteNet Cloud Service is a full SAAS annual subscription service that includes everything needed to transform on-premise infrastructure to the Cloud.  CUES is an Amazon Technology Partner, that together on AWS, are responsible for managing and protecting the infrastructure that runs the web applications for assessing infrastructure, videos and statuses about assets from virtually any portable device (iPad, Android, Chrome Book, Surface Pro, smart phone, etc.) with an internet connection.  The Cloud service streamlines operations by enabling GraniteNet Web application to present real time, map-driven views into the condition of utility infrastructure as well as the status of tasks assigned to crews for greater efficiency and productivity.  No software needs to be installed by end users.  Simply log in and view productivity dashboards, plan and assign tasks to crews, review inspections, run filtered reports, and generate PDF’s to share to others from virtually any internet-connected device.  The annual service includes by default a dedicated virtual database server, a web server, a 1 TB storage volume for inspection media, a 1 TB monthly data download capacity from the Cloud, and access for 1 Administrative User.   The GraniteNet Cloud Service is subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the GraniteNet Software Cloud Service Subscription Agreement.

The service also includes by default GraniteNet WebSync which is a powerful connectivity tool that enables entities with vehicular field crews to use encrypted internet connectivity to transmit inspection data and video from the field (such as trucks, mobile inspectors, etc.) wirelessly to the Cloud SAAS.  There’s no need for carrying storage drives.  Inspectors simply finish their inspection and the transfer will begin automatically in the background while new inspections are started or while crews move to the next location. If data transmission is interrupted due to connectivity issues, WebSync will re-initiate its session from where it left off and resume the transfer from that point when a suitable connection is obtained.  If a session can’t be completed, the log file will display the result and the inspection information and media will remain on the sender’s computer until it can be re-tried, when better connectivity is available.  WebSync is highly secure because it uses Web API’s that provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security that can be encrypted.  GraniteNet WebSync requires a software module on the field units and requires the H.264 Module (both purchased separately if needed). 




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