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Tackling I&I Reduction in South Carolina Using CUES Equipment

About 10 years ago, Taylors Fire and Sewer District in Taylors, South Carolina earn an agreement that required them to eliminate inflow and infiltration into their five-county wastewater collections system within 15 years, giving them a completion deadline of 2021.

In 2008, they made their first move toward all-digital CCTV inspection systems, replacing an old inspection truck with a Ford F-450 Gas Cab 4x4, outfitted with a CUES K2 Base Station saved from the old truck. Additionally, they added an Insight Vision push camera on a fiberglass rod, a CUES K2 portable system, a self-propelled lateral inspection system with color pan-and-rotate camera for 6- to 30-inch mains and 3- to 8-inch laterals, and a mini pan-and-tilt lateral launch system. In 2012, they brought on a CUES locator sonde to find their existing OZIII camera in the line, should it get hung up. They also purchased a CUES WTR crawler with 6-inch rubber wheels, plus an auxiliary set of 8-inch steel wheels.

Because of this modern technology, Taylors has now been able to focus more on CCTV inspection and where their efforts have been most effective for I&I reduction. Overall, the efficiency has paid off. “We’ve exceeded our goal of inspecting at least 8 miles of line annually since 2005,” says Samantha Bartow, director of sewer services.

Read more about the company's work on this project or download the full article.

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