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Identifying Repairs. Expediting Opportunities.

For municipalities or contractors conducting sewer pipe construction and repair, there’s always one pivotal moment in the job where time and money start slipping away. The pivotal moment occurs after the inspection team has done their job, but work comes to a halt during the wait for the repair team. More digging may be required. Weather concerns can add additional complexity. Even with trenchless jobs, the extra time and expense involved in waiting for an entire team of workers to arrive add up.


While you might think of CUES as a company that provides products and services that help identify repairs, our CUES LOCK family of products can help you make structural point repairs using your existing TV truck, with minimal additional equipment required.

Here are 3 reasons why you should turn to CUES LOCK for your next structural repair:

1.    On the spot

With CUES LOCK, you can set up your inspection team to make spot structural repairs during the same shift that they’re inspecting pipelines. Once your team identifies an area in need of repair, they simply slide the appropriate length of CUES LOCK into position and lock it into place—and they’re done. The CUES LOCK grout requires virtually no cure time. Once the sleeve is locked, the install is done, which means fewer hours with a crew sitting around. And since you can deploy your inspection team to inspect and repair pipes, your operation is more efficient.

2.  A penny saved is a penny earned.

CUES LOCK gives you the ability to make faster repairs with fewer people and no curing time—allowing your team to do multiple repairs in a shift. Plus, there’s very little investment required to make repairs with CUES LOCK beyond the TV inspection truck that many municipalities and contractors already have. Time is money - let CUES LOCK be your advantage.

3.    CUES LOCK can be a safer, smarter choice.

Not only does CUES LOCK save time and money with each repair, it also provides safer repair circumstances. By reducing the number of hours required for a job and minimizing the need for additional people standing in traffic on the job site, you reduce the chances for an accident. You’ll even dig fewer trenches, further minimizing the potential for a job site accident.

The CUES team delivers for our customers every day, and we’re ready to go to work for you. Read more about our CUES LOCK product here.

Ready to expedite opportunities? Contact us today to learn more about CUES LOCK.

GraniteNet Software American Infrastructure Brand Survey Winner 2023
GraniteNet American Infrastructure Brand Survey Winner 2023
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Welcome to CUESNews, a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of upcoming events, new products, and more!