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Five Things To Look For In Portable Products

CUES has been pioneering new and better products to help municipalities and contractors inspect and maintain sewer pipes for decades including a full line of Portable Products.

These products, designed for portability and small pipe inspections, require durability and critical features to do the job right the first time.

Check out five things to look for in Portable Products:

1.    They need to be built right

It only takes a few minutes to realize that an underground pipe can be a uniquely inhospitable environment. It can be wet, dirty, corrosive, and generally full of things that delicate equipment has no business coming up against. We design all of our portable products to be able to withstand the underground environment and come up for more every time.

2.  They need to be ready to do the job.

We’ve been working underground since 1963—we know what it takes. Every one of our systems have been designed to work in the most treacherous terrain of storm and sewer infrastructure, delivering condition assessment capabilities from 1¼” up to 60” pipelines.

3.    They need to make the operator’s job easier.

Remotely maneuvering and assessing the condition of sewer and storm infrastructure can be a difficult task. CUES portable products make it easier. Our C550c Flexitrax portable mainline and C540c Flexiprobe push systems aim to make many of an operator’s time consuming tasks fast and easy—including automatically generating field reports. Want to see it in action? Contact us for a full field demonstration.

4.  You need products built by people who know that time is money

One of the most basic reasons that customers choose CUES is that we respect their time and budgets. Primarily, that means that any feature we add must deliver real value. So when we added Wi-Fi connectivity to the C550c Flexitrax portable mainline and C540c Flexiprobe push systems, it wasn’t for show—it was to allow the user to immediately share a survey and videos with customers or colleagues.

5.    Your products need to be backed by the right people

Great products are only a starting point. You need people working with you who are as relentlessly focused on your success as you are. The CUES team delivers for our customers every day. And we’re ready to go to work for you.

At CUES, we think these five factors are important enough that we’ve made them part of all of our portable products, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Contact us today to see why our Portable Products might make sense for you.

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