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CUES GraniteNet AI Graphic
CUES GraniteNet Adds Proprietary AI Tools

CUES GraniteNet sewer inspection software adds revolutionary AI tools for all your infrastructure assessment and management needs.

New AI capabilities are here

In 2022, CUES GraniteNet is launching a new add-on—a proprietary AI system that can quickly and efficiently code the inspections that must currently be done by an operator. The ability to scan and code thousands of images, four times faster than an average operator—with NASSCO certification—changes everything. GraniteNet AI functionality will take productivity to an entirely new level thanks to drastically reduced turnaround times, high inspection quality and, ultimately, game-changing cost savings. This is a major new development in the industry that’s not available on any other existing infrastructure management platform.

A one-stop shop

Because different customers have different needs, CUES GraniteNet solution is available in several versions: Inspection Basic, Inspection Premium, Office, and SaaS. Most customers using the GraniteNet platform also own CUES equipment, so they experience a seamless interface between hardware and software. While GraniteNet is compatible with our competitors’ equipment, having a fully integrated truck-and-software solution is ideal because it eliminates barriers to troubleshooting and keeps tasks and projects running efficiently. The majority of the CUES trucks that are sent out to customers include GraniteNet for an effortless turnkey experience.

Fully customizable to your needs

GraniteNet is customizable to each customer. Not only will the CUES team design the ideal software solution for your needs and equipment, CUES will pre-program your data and conduct onsite training so there’s no costly learning curve. GraniteNet is designed to be used by everyone along the project chain, from technicians in the field, to engineers, to support staff on a desktop device. It’s robust, scalable, and user-friendly to make sure you don’t miss a beat. Best of all, CUES GraniteNet is supported by in-house CUES staff 24/7. The CUES IT team is always available and ready to help.

Around the US and across the globe

CUES GraniteNet is the ideal solution, no matter the size of the project or municipality. You’ll find CUES GraniteNet in the largest metro hubs around the U.S., including Miami-Dade and LA County, as well as mid-size cities and small towns. GraniteNet is also used across Europe, in China/Asia, and in the Middle East. That’s because its unrivaled flexibility, features, and customization make GraniteNet easy and seamless for every possible user in every conceivable role.

Learn how GraniteNet can help you go the distance

Learn more about GraniteNet here and explore case studies from current customers.

GraniteNet Software American Infrastructure Brand Survey Winner 2023
GraniteNet American Infrastructure Brand Survey Winner 2023
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