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Celebrate World Trenchless Day

Join CUES in celebrating World Trenchless Day! World Trenchless Day is a day of global celebration that spotlights trenchless technology and the benefits it brings to the industry.

Trenchless technology, often referred to as no-dig construction, is an alternative and complement to traditional open-cut construction methods. Some of the major benefits include: environmentally friendly, minimal disturbance to surroundings, decreased rehabilitation time, saves time, and saves money.  

CUES is proud to offer innovative no-dig sewer line solutions for efficient and reliable pipeline repair. While celebrating World Trenchless Day, stop by the CUES website and explore some of our No-Dig products, such as the CUES LOCK. CUES' latest GROUT/REHABILITATION product line, CUES LOCK, includes structural point repair systems designed to be used for stand-alone spot repairs or to enhance quality and simplicity of cured-in-place relining. CUES LOCK products are easy to install, require very little equipment, and most repairs can be carried out in live sewer operating conditions. Proven CUES LOCK technologies do not require digging or external point repair.


Five Things To Look For In Portable Products
CUES has been pioneering new and better products to help municipalities and contractors inspect and maintain sewer pipes for decades including a full line of Portable Products. These products, designed for portability and small pipe inspections, require durability and critical features to do the job right the first time.
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