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CUES Events

​​CUES sales professionals attend over 50 shows per year domestically and worldwide.
Feb 4
2020 WWOA Wisconsin Operator Expo
Time: 12:00am to 11:59pm

Originally slated to be a ‘big equipment’ expo when we started this in 2005; the weather in
February spoke to us otherwise over the years as hauling big equipment through the snow was

Since then, the MWOE Committee has morphed the ‘big equipment’ expo into a
Water & Wastewater Operator-focused event where an operator can break away for just a day,
pick up some DNR credits with our educational sessions, watch a good competition or two LIVE
and participate in some industry networking time by walking the exhibits, lunch and breaks. OR –
take in a longer educational event in one of the seminars offered alongside the EXPO.