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QZ3 Software Upgrade

Download the current Software Upgrade

Instructions for QZ3 Software Upgrade:

  1. Download the file below onto a blank thumb drive and save it to the root of the thumb drive (this can be done by removing everything in the location bar except the drive letter and the colon). Do not unzip the file.
  2. Once this is done, you can upgrade your QZ3 inserting the thumb drive into the USB port at the rear of the camera. With the camera on, and a wireless enabled device connected to it, use the web browser to navigate to
  3. Expand the menu at the top left corner and select the System Info tab.
  4. At the bottom of the System Information page (Diagnostics page on older units) will be a button to upgrade the software, select this and wait approximately 1 minute for upgrade to deploy. The QZ3 will restart once the upgrade is complete. Do not power off during the upgrade process. The Wi-Fi network will drop during this process and return once the new software has been installed.
  5. Reconnect to the QZ3 Wi-Fi network, and use the web browser to navigate back to Under the System Info tab, the new software version (matching that of the download file below) should be displayed near the top of the display.
  6. After the update is installed it is advised to clear the cache/history on the browser. Under the browser settings, this is typically found under the privacy settings. Make sure to clear cache/history from all time.
  7. Power cycle off/on the camera head to complete update.

If updating from software version (10/8/19):

If any problems arise, please contact CUES Hardware Support at 321.400.5102.

QZ3 Software Upgrade (105 MB) 

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