CUES proudly offers custom trailer-mounted systems for all of your TV inspection and rehabilitation needs! Trailer-mounted inspection systems provide an effective alternative to truck-mounted systems! CUES trailer-mounted systems can include TV inspection equipment for sewer/storm/potable water lines, mainline joint or lateral sealing, and lateral reinstatement cutters for the relining industry. A variety of options can be added to expand your system, as needed. Customize your trailer interior, cabinets, equipment, and mounting configuration to fit your unique requirements!
  • Can be used with a variety of vehicles
  • Save the cost of a dedicated vehicle
  • Can be set up with the same equipment as conventional truck- mounted systems 
  • Optional configurations are available
  • The interior of the trailer is divided into two areas of operation: a TV trailer Control Room (operator’s station and viewing Room) and an Equipment Room (equipment mounting and storage area).
  • The trailer is equipped with (2) roof-mounted amber warning beacons and (2) adjustable halogen floodlights as shown on the component list.  
  • An ergonomic control console with rounded edges is used for mounting all electronic components.  
  • The Control Room is located at the front of the trailer.  A roof mounted 13,500 BTU air conditioner with  built in heat strip is supplied.
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CUES proudly offers custom CCTV trailer-mounted inspection systems for all of your TV inspection and rehabilitation needs! The CUES Truck Design Team has over 75 years of combined pipeline inspection truck design experience and has designed thousands of pipeline inspection vehicles!
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