• Sufficient power, light and traction to inspect 6” through 120” pipe with pan-and-tilt cameras and transporters.
  • 10:1 optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera provides fine detail in large diameter pipe. Can see past obstructions in the pipe. Can look closely into laterals. **
  • CUES transporters can pull a minimum of 1000 feet of cable in suitable pipe conditions
  • Power supplies operate all single conductor cameras, to include CUES, RS Technical, CCV, and SRECO
  • Operates all CUES non-steerable wheeled and tracked transporters, including Ultra Shorty and Pipe Ranger
  • Operates CUES single-conductor pan-and-tilt cameras and optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera with 10:1 optical zoom with light enhancement
  • Lightweight, high-strength, steel armored single conductor cable
  • Digital power supplies provides adjustable voltage with universal frequencies

    **Denotes optional equipment

  • The video response is in excess of 350 lines
  • The front control panel contains the power switch, vertical hold, tint, color, brightness and contrast controls.
The Single Conductor 2000 system has all the advantages of the older single conductor systems, like armored cable with 5600 lb breaking strength and abrasion resistance, coupled with UL approved digital power supplies with a five year manufacturers warranty. One of the biggest advantages of the new power supply is that it will automatically reduce power output to zero if the cable is cut or damaged, causing no damage to the power supply.

CUES manufactures both single-conductor and multi-conductor systems. Both single-conductor and multi-conductor systems equally represent current technology in this industry and are in use daily throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Single-conductor cable contains one coaxial conductor pair surrounded by insulation, then a spiral wound steel armor, then a second steel armor spiral wound in the opposite direction (the two steel armors also act as tensile-load-bearing members; the outer armor also acts as the cable’s jacket).  Multi-conductor cable contains one coaxial conductor pair and ten individual conductors wound in a spiral fashion surrounded by a braided Kevlar tensile-load-bearing member embedded in an extruded nylon armor/jacket.

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